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Rather than writing blog posts (i.e. the entire purpose of this blog), I’ve spent the last 2 weeks having a silly fun time refactoring the underlying code. You can now click on any of the tags to find related posts, and the colour scheme has been adjusted slightly.

A friend introduced me to Random Ally, which is a great way of generating colour schemes with the appropriate amount of contrast. It’s fun trying a range of colours I never would have thought of on my own. I’m a big fan on the green and white one I’ve ended up with, though I’m not convinced it will stick. I really like how it looks in the light theme, but it’s probably a bit much in the dark theme. It also looks a bit more Christmas-y than I’d like, though it’s clearly not prevented me from using it.

If you are reading this and it’s not currently green and white then you will know that at some point I decided it was too much.

Anyway.. see ya!