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Stardew Valley Community Center Guide

This guide is mostly for me. I wanted to be able to select a season and see which items I was able to get. Non-seasonal items are generally not featured because it would be a lot of typing, and would never be as complete as the community Stardew Valley Wiki.

Filtered on: None / Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter

Crafts Room

Item Season Method
Wild Horseradish Spring Foraging
Daffodil Spring Foraging
Leak Spring Foraging
Dandelion Spring Foraging
Grape Summer Foraging
Spice Berry Summer Foraging
Sweet Pea Summer Foraging
Common Mushroom Fall Foraging
Wild Plum Fall Foraging
Hazelnut Fall Foraging
Blackberry Fall Foraging
Winter Root Winter Foraging
Crystal Fruit Winter Foraging
Snow Yam Winter Foraging
Crocus Winter Foraging


Item Season Method
Parsnip Spring Crops
Green Bean Spring Crops
Cauliflower Spring Crops
Potato Spring Crops
Tomato Summer Crops
Hot Pepper Summer Crops
Blueberry Summer Crops
Melon Summer Crops
Corn Summer / Fall Crops
Eggplant Fall Crops
Pumpkin Fall Crops
Yam Fall Crops
5x Parsnip (Gold) Spring Crops
5x Melon (Gold) Summer Crops
5x Pumpkin (Gold) Fall Crops
5x Corn (Gold) Summer / Fall Crops

Fish Tank

Item Season Method
Sunfish Spring / Summer Rivers (6am - 7pm)
Catfish Spring / Fall Rivers (6am - midnight). Only when raining.
Shad Spring / Summer / Fall Rivers (6am - 2am). Only when raining.
Tiger Trout Fall / Winter Rivers (6am - 7pm). Only when raining.
Largemouth Bass Any Mountain lake (6am - 7pm).
Carp Spring / Summer / Fall / Any (Secret Woods) Mountain lake (6am - 7pm).
Bullhead Any Mountain lake (anytime).
Sturgeon Summer / Winter Mountain lake (6am - 7pm).
Sardine Spring / Fall / Winter Ocean (6am - 7pm).
Tuna Summer / Winter Ocean (6am - 7pm).
Red Snapper Summer / Fall Ocean (6am - 7pm). Only when raining.
Tilapia Summer / Fall Ocean (6am - 2pm).
Walleye Fall Rivers, Lakes, and Forest Pond (12pm - 2pm). Only when raining.
Bream Any Rivers (6pm - 2pm).
Eel Spring / Fall Ocean (4pm - 2am). Only when raining.
Pufferfish Summer Ocean (12pm - 4pm). Only when sunny.
Ghostfish Any Level 20 and 60 of the mines.
Sandfish Any The Desert (6am - 8pm).
Woodskip Any Secret Woods and Forest Farm (anytime).
Crab Pot Bundle Any 5 creatures caught in a Crab Pot.

Bulletin Board

Item Season Method
Fiddlehead Fern Summer Foraging (Secret Woods)
Sunflower Summer / Fall Crops
Red Cabbage Summer Crops. Available starting from year 2.
Nautilus Shell Winter Beach foraging.
Wheat Summer / Fall Crops