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Newtown All

I was lucky enough to be in a small group photographic exhibition as part of Photocourse 3 with Photospace Gallery.

The following is the blurb for my contribution to the exhibition.

Living in Newtown makes it a natural subject for me. Every day is a new opportunity to see how this community has changed. During last years lockdown I found myself exploring the aspects of community which are not face-to-face. Examples turned up everywhere; donations to an op shop becoming an unlikely gallery, some shared mischief upon leaving the hospital, an artistic restoration to a neglected building. The members of these communities all add or subtract to the world around them, maybe never seeing who they share it with, but participating all the same.

As I overcome my fear of portrait photography I’d like to take this work further. I’m inspired by the work of Julie Riley, who often paired her portraits with interviews about the people and their lives. Over time, I would love to develop my work towards the thoughtful and insightful books of hers such as Men Alone, and Our Town.

A Sample

Since this is just for my blog I’ll include a few of my favourite B-Sides. I’ll let you decide which those are.

Click on a photo to get a closer look.

A worn down sign for the Newtown Mall now reads 'Newtown All' Newtown All
A sign reads 'More Flowers Inside the Shop' with a view of flowers peaking out of the doorway More Flowers Inside the Shop
A curled poster seen through a broken window displays an unknown woman drinking from a bottle of Coca-Cola. Cheers to the Weekend
A mirror leans against the wall with the words 'I LOVE U LEO' stuck onto it with foam letters I Love You Leo
An empty frame of a motorbike sits in the front of someones yard. Work in Progress
A statue of a crucified Jesus hangs on the wall beside a painting of the Virgin Mary. Upon the cross is a sticker that reads 'Not for sale'. Not For Sale
A pole for a street crossing covered by day passes for Wellington Hospital Stuck Together
A boarded up building which reads 'WORKINGMENS BOWLING CLUB'. Working Mens
A flower sits in the middle of an empty street sign. Framed