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Newtown All

It’s an honour be exihibiting at Black Coffee, a cornerstone of Newtown through it’s ebbs and flows.

Newtown All is an attempt to observe the ways we shape the world around us, and how small anonymous actions can impact others’ experience within a space.

Attaching a visitor pass to the crossing outside the hospital can encourage dozens to join in a shared rebellion. Posters are put up almost as often as they are torn down, their transitions marked by the hundreds of staples left in the powerpoles across Newtown.

Changes like these come and go, surviving for a moment or building on top of each other to create something new. They serve as a constant reminder of the ability we have to empower the places we love, or mess with the places we hate. I hope that you can take these thoughts with you and create some small changes of your own.


Newtown All by Andy Hansen. September 6th to October 2nd.


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A worn down sign for the Newtown Mall now reads 'Newtown All'. Newtown All
Much Luv tagged on the window of a bus shelter. Much Luv
The entrance to a building. 'Naughty Boys' has been tagged on the door. Naughty Boys
A boarded up building which reads 'WORKINGMENS BOWLING CLUB'. Bowling Club
A face tagged over a small figure that is part of a mural. Chuffed
Eyes tagged on the handles of a boarded up door. Watcher
A flower sits in the middle of an empty street sign. Framed
Colourful flowers in the window of a shop. Rainbow Bridge