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Being a Good Listener - The School of Life Link icon

The School of Life’s YouTube channel is one of the best things I have ever stumbled upon. Filled to the brim with short, digestible videos of psychology and philosophy based life advice. It just so happens short, digestible videos are my absolute favourite way to consume psychology and philosophy based life advice. Dense enough to be worth watching, and short enough to be worth re-watching!

My favourite video of theirs is on being a good listener, because it opened up some threads of thought I now hold very dear. That by listening in the right way, you can help someone understand themselves better. Prompt them to explain why they feel a particular way, rather than just accepting that they do, and make it clear you are a safe person they can explore their thoughts with.

If you know me personally, I’m sure you also appreciate the irony that I am showing my love for this video about listening, even though I can be a terrible listener. I’m taking baby steps, all right!

It’s not a long video, so I’d be wasting my time bumbling on much longer. If you’ve got five minutes I highly recommend checking it out below.